Kirk has over thirty years of experience with youth and young adults as a pastor, teacher, life coach, summer camp director and college chaplain. He is the author of The Word on Campus series of books. He has been leading international service projects for over twenty years and has seen hundreds of young adults find life’s purpose through service.

Kirk King – Founder/President  Culture & Leadership Director

Jeremy has a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology with emphasis in Adventure-Based Therapy. He has served as a high school counselor, student life and activities director, and religion teacher. Jeremy loves to connect with young adults and help them develop their life passions by experiencing adventure in the wilderness.

Jeremy Wall

Outdoor Skills Director

Tony Wuerfel

Arts & Production Director

Tony has several years of experience teaching high school writing, literature and Bible, helping students prepare for college. He is an accomplished musician and has recently published a devotional for young adults that merges story, poetry and music. Tony loves to challenge students to think deeply and discover their full potential.

The staff of Traverse are dedicated to providing participants ten months filled with adventure and personal growth. Kirk, Jeremy and Tony have combined their personal training and experience to develop a well rounded program. Gap year participants will also learn from a host of other specialists in each track.